What is the beating heart of John Gibson’s creation in Tormented Souls?

An eternal heartbeat.


Screenshot by Gamepur

While you’re trying to get into the library in Tormented Souls, you’ll probably come across one of the weirdest clues in any game. To enter the room, you first need an item, but you also need to know what the beating heart of John Gibson’s creation is. This guide explains what this clue is pointing you towards.

What is the beating heart of John Gibson’s creation?

John Gibson was a very real Welsh sculptor. You don’t need to know this to figure out the clue, but it should help. There are various pieces of art and sculptures dotted around the mansion in Tormented Souls. Each one you can interact with has some information about it that you can read, and all of that information is important at some point in the game.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The sculpture you need to pay attention to for this clue is the large one on the staircase in the main hall. It’s right in front of you as you walk up the first set of stairs. You need to use the stethoscope on the sculpture to listen to its chest and hear the beat that it’s thumping out. The beat is a rhythm of one beat, three beats, one beat, and one final beat.

You need to listen to the beats, get the rhythm right, and tap it out on the library door to get into that room. We spent a long time on this puzzle, convinced that we were missing something. However, the game requires a very specific timing with your beats, so all you need to do is make sure you’re tapping them out exactly as you hear them in the sculpture’s chest.