What is the release date for Among Us 2?

Among Us 2 is coming sooner than you expect.

Update: InnerSloth announced in a blog post that it is scrapping off the sequel to Among Us and will instead focus on Among Us for now. All the content it had planned for the sequel will be implemented into Among Us.

Original Story: It’s been almost two years since the release of Among Us, and the game has rapidly grown in popularity in the past few months. After the game’s recent success, InnerSloth has revealed that it is working on a sequel to the popular multiplayer social deduction game.

In a blog post, developer InnerSloth reveals that Among Us 2 is in planning stages right now, and it will take them at least six months before they can enter open beta. Going by that, we can expect the game to be revealed in early 2021. The developers aim to bring the game to PC first, perfect the game, and then work on a mobile port since it is easier to launch updates on PC.

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While many might be wondering why Among Us needs a sequel, InnerSloth has highlighted the same in the blogpost. The developer mentions that it was never expected that the game would get so popular, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to add new content to the game due to its limitations.

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That being said, InnerSloth assures players that Among Us servers will be live “as long as it has enough players to start games.” Moreover, the developers will make the game open source if they plan to shut it down, allowing players to create their own servers.