What is the release date of Two Point Campus?

Class is (soon) in session.

Image via Two Point Studios

Two Point Campus is a highly anticipated title for a crowd interested in a specific niche. If you played Two Point Hospital, you should know what you are getting into from a gameplay standpoint. After the success that the first game saw over the last couple of years, people will likely want to keep tabs on this new game. Here is when you can expect to get your hands on Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus is set to release on August 9 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. If you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you will be able to download the game day one on console or PC for no extra charge.

The game was originally planned to release May 17 but was delayed three months in April to ensure the game runs properly at launch for all platforms it is coming to.

In Two Point Campus, players will be building and managing a collegiate university. As is the case in the first one, you will be coming across cartoonish characters that will affect your business in various ways. However, you will now teach students with diverse backgrounds before treating people with wacky illnesses. From teaching wizards to clowns, you will see plenty of colorful characters in your lecture halls. Two Point Campus is yet another management simulator that twists the rules you would expect to see in a game like this.