What is the start date of Sea of Thieves Season 6?

A new season is just over the horizon.

Image via Rare

With the arrival of a massive preview event that revealed plenty of details about a host of new events, features, and seasons coming to Sea of Thieves this year, it’s fair to say 2022 is looking to be quite a busy year for the game.

In the recently revealed Sea of Thieves 2022 roadmap, we learned that the new season is slated to arrive sometime in March. It should also bring plenty new to the world of Sea of Thieves. The start of Season 6 will slot in nicely after the end of Shrouded Islands, the game’s first-ever Adventure, which will run from February 17 to March 3. Regarding the exact date, the start of Sea of Thieves Season Six will coincide with the removal of Arenas from the game on March 10.

Image via Rare

Season 6 is set to introduce six new Sea Forts to the game. It will also see the introduction of three Adventures, a new type of story-focused event that sees players engage with world-changing events. It will also bring the beginning of the game’s first Mystery, a type of content that involves stringing together sets of clues to discover new secrets. Players can also look forward to a new Plunder Pass, as well as an update to the monthly Emporium content.