What to do with fake paintings and sculptures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What is it good for?

You can obtain fine art inĀ Animal Crossing: New HorizonsĀ with the latest update for Nature Day. It adds a new wing for your museum where you can hang up fine art such as sculptures and paintings found all over the world. To unlock it, you need to speak to Blathers. Once you open it, you need to talk to a new merchant in the game, Redd, who provides you with all of the paintings.

However, Redd plays fastball with his customers. While he’s offering you an excellent family discount for any piece of art you want for your museum, of the four provided items in his inventory, three of them are fake, and only one is real. You need to be able to tell which one of them is real to place them in the museum. Blathers will know immediately if it’s a fake, and won’t accept it.

What do you do with fake art because you can’t place it in the museum? Unfortunately, you can’t sell it to Tommy or Timmy. It’s worthless to them. You won’t be able to hand it out to other villagers, either. The best thing for you to do with a fake piece of art is to place it somewhere in your home or on your island to display the forgery for other villagers or visitors. Alternatively, you can toss it right in the trash and have it out of your inventory. Because it’s not doing anything else, it’s mostly a waste of space.

You need to be careful when purchasing any item from Redd. You have the option to examine the piece of art before you confirm the purchase, so make sure to do that before finalizing the deal with them on their Treasure Trawler.