What’s in the house in the swamp in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Tenth Drop?

It’s not a Scottish ogre.


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Tenth Drop in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water sees you return to the opening area of the mountain to visit the Shrine of Dolls while looking for Rui. However, as you enter the area, Ren comments that the house on his right doesn’t appear on the map and is instead marked as a swamp. You might be curious to know what’s in there, but you also don’t want to waste precious resources. This guide explains what you’ll find in this house, so you don’t need to go inside if you don’t want to.

What’s in the house in the swamp?

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you may have worked out already, this house is an optional area. If you want to continue with the mission, follow Rui’s shadow and pass it by. If you want to get a few more points and some lore, though, head inside.

To get into the house, you need to go around the back and walk through the hole in the rotted wall. Once inside, you’ll be able to see a fire burning in the central room, making it look almost cozy. When you enter the room, though, you’ll be attacked by two Flamekeeper ghosts. These spirits are tough to fight because they slide all around the screen. The best way to tackle them is to wait for them to cross paths and capture them both at once. These shots deal more damage and help to defeat the ghosts faster.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you’ve defeated the ghosts, you can pick up a few pieces of lore around the room. One of the most interesting items is a text on what being a Flamekeeper requires of someone. It helps flesh out the world and lets you better understand the wider concepts that orbit the Maiden of Black Water and the shrine maidens who become pillars.