When does Overwatch’s Anniversary Remix event begin? Answered

Get all the skins you missed in previous seasons.

Image via Activision-Blizzard

One of Overwatch’s biggest events, the Anniversary Remix, is getting unleashed on to the world very soon. How soon? To quote Tracer, “This is no time for standin’ around.”

Overwatch’s Anniversary Remix will begin with its first volume on April 6. The party will continue in two more parts after that. In addition to six remixes of fan-favorite legendary costumes, all game events will be returning to Overwatch at once. This includes Archives, Summer Games, and Anniversary events, among many others. Lucio Ball, anyone? Regardless, the Anniversary Remix will give you the opportunity to get the skins you want.

When talking about the new legendary skins, Community Manager AndyB said on an official Blizzard forum, “These offer a spin on our greatest hits with new looks for some of the most popular skins ever released.”

Three returning mini-event skins can also be unlocked by completing challenges, but you should keep in mind that they’ll only last for a week.

Blizzard also affirmed that all the skins, sprays, and player icons we’ve unlocked over the past six years will transition to Overwatch 2, so rest assured that your work during the Anniversary Remix event will not go unnoticed.

More information will be revealed about the next two Anniversary Remix events over the next months as we prepare for the launch of Overwatch 2. Players will be invited to the beta sometime in late April. Blizzard has said it will be releasing the multiplayer modes of OW2 first as they work further on the story content.