When is the release date for Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle?

Set sail for adventure.

Image via Zenimax

Elder Scrolls Online has a new expansion coming out with High Isle. The year-long content, subtitled Legacy of the Bretons, will feature a brand new area that has never been explored before in the Elder Scrolls franchise. The new expansion is jam-packed with new content, and it has fans wondering: when is the release date for Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle?

High Isle will release on June 6 on PC, Mac, Steam, and Google Stadia, and on June 21 for Playstation and Xbox players. The expansion will take players to the Systres Isles, an archipelago located north of Summerset. The first DLC, Ascending Tide, will be available for players on March 14 for PC, Mac, Steam, and Google Stadia and on March 29 for Playstation and Xbox.

High Isle will introduce new features and content, such as:

  • Tales of Tribute— a new resource management card game.
  • A new Trial and several new Dungeons.
  • Two new companions in Ember and Isobel,
  • A story focused around political intrigue, class warfare and feudalism, and medieval-styled high fantasy.

Pre-orders are available on each platform — with a collector’s edition that includes two new non-combat pets, a new mount, a new costume, and a new Crown Crate reward.