When is the start date for Apex Legends’ Unshackled Event?

The event will be the last of Season 12.

Apex Legends Warriors event Control

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has already held a bevy of events in Season 12, each holding dozens of new skins and other cosmetics for players to collect. Although, there is still one more slated to start before Season 12 comes to a close, that being the Unshackled Event. Here’s when Apex fans should expect to see the event and what it may hold.

So far, a start date for the Unshackled event has not been officially revealed, but a handful of leakers believe to have garnered evidence pointing to a mid-April release. One proven leaker, known as Shrugtal, recently claimed the event would launch on April 19 alongside the Flashpoint game mode. Shortly after, Twitter user @KralRindo backed the claims and posted what appears to be an in-game screenshot of the game mode. Of course, as these are apparent leaks, players shouldn’t mark their calendars just yet until it becomes official.

Via KralRindo’s Twitter

Developer Respawn Entertainment has not made mention of the event since revealing it in February, but a few of Unshackled’s cosmetics may already be known. KralRindo also tweeted supposed in-game shots that detail its collect-a-thon bearing 40 new cosmetics, including Legendary skins for Valkyrie, Pathfinder, Wraith, and Crypto. Additionally, there also seems to be new Epic skins on the way for Fuse, Lifeline, and Rampant.

At the time of witting, it currently isn’t understood how long players will have to collect these possible skins. Season 12 is slated to end on May 10, so Unshackled is not likely last longer than a month.