When will Kate Bishop be available in Marvel’s Avengers?

Double the Hawkeye, double the fun.

marvel's Avengers

Image via Square Enix

Marvel’s Avengers is releasing for everyone to play on September 4, but that doesn’t mean Crystal Dynamics is just sitting around doing nothing while people run through the base game.

Along with giving more details about high-level mission types like Villain Sectors, SHIELD Vaults, AIM’s Secret Lab, and Mega Hives, the developers also revealed that Kate Bishop is the first post-launch hero coming to the game.

Kate is an archer trained by Clint Barton, but she will have a distinct set of skills and takedowns focused on her more agile approach to taking down enemies.

The young archer will appear within a new set of content called Operation, “Taking AIM,” in late October.

Taking AIM’s story begins shortly after the conclusion of the game’s main Reassemble campaign and will be the first of two-story arcs focused on Hawkeye. The second part of the story will be released in November, with Clint taking the stage to “lay the groundwork for what’s next.”

Kate Bishop and every other post-launch hero will be available to all Marvel’s Avengers players at no additional cost and will continue to add narrative to the world. More information about the Hawkeye story arc and future content will be revealed soon.