Where to destroy Apple and Tomato produce boxes at the Orchard Farmers Market – Fortnite

Organic panic.


One of the challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 8 is to destroy apple and tomato produce boxes at the Orchard Farmers Market. We don’t know what these fruits have done to annoy people, but someone has them on their hitlist.

You can find the Orchard Farmers Market right on the northeastern corner of the desert, just above Colossal Coliseum. It is not a bad spot to start your game, as there is plenty of loot to be had here if you want to drop straight in from the Battle Bus and finish up the challenge at the start of the match.

When you arrive there you will find a makeshift shop outside the front of the main building. Wooden counters will hold the apple and tomato produce boxes, and you can destroy them by hitting them with your harvesting tool. It won’t take long, and there are dozens of them. You will only need to destroy three of them for this challenge.

It’s a very quick challenge to wrap up, and after that you can either move on to another challenge or focus on trying to get yourself that glorious win.

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