Where to find Heart Island in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact

All of a sudden everyone is wondering where Heart Island is in Genshin Impact, thanks to a tweet from the game’s Twitter account. We have you covered, and will show you how to get there, and how to get the hidden Luxurious chest on the island.

You can find Heart Island to the southeast of Mingyun Village. It is quite a distance out in the sea, so you will need to be smart about how to get there. People with enough stamina can glide off the cliffs to the south of Mingyun and float most of the way there, then swim the remaining distance. You will need quite a bit of stamina to get this done.

The other way is to use a Cryo character like QiQi, Kaeya, or any of the others and slowly freeze your way across. You can cast an ability to freeze the water, walk across it, then use another ability or the same one to continue. This will take a while, but you will eventually be able to make it all the way across.

When you get there you will notice a broken tower with an Oculi on top, so make sure you climb up and grab it. After that, look at the ground and you will see a heart made out of stones. To make the Luxurious chest appear, you need to stand in this heart with a friend, so make sure to invite someone into your game before you head across. If you both have Cryo characters, it will make the journey there much easier.