Where to find Leiptr Alloy in God of War

Finding rare resources in God of War takes time and some detective work.

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There are numerous resources for you to hunt down to upgrade your gear in God of War. However, they all don’t come from the same activities. Some of them require you to put more effort into your pathfinding and encourage you to explore the unbeaten paths. Leiptr Alloy is a resource you’ll need to explore the game to find. In this guide, we cover where to find Leiptr Alloy in God of War.

The only way to find Leiptr Alloy is to find and complete treasure map quests. You can find treasure maps in your travels by picking up parchments of paper discovered in the world. These treasure maps only provide a short description of where you might find the location and a picture of where the treasure was placed.

You might miss these treasure maps and have to seek them out again while exploring the game during your initial playthrough. If you miss a treasure map, you can find it again before or after completing the entire campaign. Everything remains available after beating the game.

These are all of the treasure maps you can find during your God of War campaign.

  • Creation Island
  • Dead and Bloated
  • Don’t Blink
  • Finder’s Fee
  • Hunter’s Kingdom
  • Island of Light
  • Kneel Before Thor!
  • Njord’s Oarsmen
  • The Boat Captain’s Key
  • The Historian
  • The Last Place They’d Look
  • The Turtle’s Tribute

There are 12 treasure maps in total, each rewarding you Leiptr Alloy, along with XP and Hacksilver.