Where To Get Lunar Pitcher In Warframe


Lunar Pitcher is a rare plant that only grows on Lua, in the Orokin Moon tileset, in Warframe. It can be challenging to find but can appear anywhere on the level. It can appear in plant pots, on rocks, or outside on the lunar surface itself.

Lunar Pitcher is a tall, white bunch of plants that grow in small clumps around the level. To harvest the plant, you scan it with your Codex or Synthesis Scanners. When collecting this resource, it is a good idea to use the Cross-Matrix Widget upgrade you can purchase from Cephalon Simaris for your Synthesis Scanner.

Lunar Pitcher

This widget has a 45 percent chance of counting any successful scan as two scans, yielding twice as much of the plant. You can purchase it from Cephalon Simaris on any Relay for 50,000 Standing.

If you are new to the game, you should be careful when searching for this plant because if enemy Sentients see you, they will call in Battalysts. Battalysts are robust opponents who can adapt to your damage output, and are challenging to kill. If you are farming this plant, it is a good idea to bring your hardest-hitting weapons to fight them and to mod them all to do different damage types.

The Crossfire mission on the Plato node on Lua is a great place to farm this resource. Copernicus, a Capture mission, is another excellent node to farm Lunar Pitcher on quickly. Due to the large size of the maps, you have plenty of chances to find a spawn.

Keep in mind because your Helios Sentinel cannot automatically scan these resources or any other plant resource in the game. You must use your Codex or Synthesis Scanner to harvest them.