Where to find Scorn locations in Destiny 2

Track down the Scorn at these locations.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s various missions, quests, and bounties are always sending you in search of different types of enemies. Sometimes, you will be sent after the Scorn. It’s not always easy to remember where all these different enemy types will spawn, so in this guide, we will give you some different locations for Scorn enemies. 

The first place to check for Scorn is at Tangled Shore. If you spawn at Thieves Landing, there is always a chance you might catch some Scorn there, but if not, make your way to Kingship Dock Lost Sector. You can find Kingship Landing above and slightly to the left of the Thieve’s Landing spawn point on the map. Kingship Dock is filled with Scorn and is a great place to get some easy kills. 

In the Dreaming City, you can often find Scorn fighting outside the entrance to the Blind Well. If they have not spawned in there, then make your way to the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector. You can find the entrance to it right behind where you spawn in at the Divalian Mists.

This Lost Sector is a large area and will have dozens of Scorn spawning in at different points, so it is an excellent place to get kills. If you need to find a huge amount of Scorn, and you time it right, you can find a Public Event at the Four-Horned Gulch that will have dozens of Scorn spawning for about five minutes or so. You can also check out the Rift Generator Public Event at the Dream City, which will cause a huge number of Scorn to spawn.