Where to find sugar in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Making and eating a rolled omelet will improve your HP in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

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Mary Poppins says, “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down” but in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, it will also help increase your HP if crafted into the right item. Here’s where to find sugar in this sidescrolling JRPG.

Sugar is dropped by any fluffy enemy you find in the wild areas like in the Great Forest. We found a spot with dangerous, yet adorable, puffball monsters that have black eyes and blue wings.

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They are located in the first area of The Great Forest. Go past the stump monsters at the beginning of the level and to the right of them, you’ll find the flying puffball creatures ready to be attacked. They can be eliminated within one attack.

After defeating them, look out for a yellow item that is dropped on the ground. Pick it up to obtain the sugar you require. We were able to collect six pieces of sugar in one trip. If you want to gather more, we recommend going in and out of The Great Forest as there are a good dozen fluffball monsters to eliminate in this area. It’s also easy to access them, so make use of this spot as much as you can.

Once you’re content with the amount of sugar you have gained, go back to the village. After defeating the first major boss (The Great Tree) in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, a new part of the story opens up, letting you visit Outlander Lane. After finishing a mission that requires you to get materials, the tavern will then open up.

Go to the tavern’s sign and press the RB button (or R1 on PlayStation systems). From there, you can make a rolled omelet from one wild bird egg and three loads of sugar.

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You can then eat the omelet to buff up five HP to your total and regain your health. After crafting one rolled omelet, you can then purchase them for 300 baqua, the game’s currency system.