Where to find the Agricultural Seed in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Start up the farm by finding the Agricultural Seed in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

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The village is slowly growing into its former self, but it still needs to feed its workers. Thankfully, you’ll be able to help the local farmer get back to speed with an Agricultural Seed. Here’s where to find it.

You’ll be once again thrust into the Great Forest as you pursue an Agricultural Seed. When you first approach the area, you’ll want to fast travel to the Great Tree Glade signpost. This will bring you next to the Great Tree boss, and you’ll need to fight it to get to the Agricultural Seed.

The Great Tree has now leveled up ten times, going up to Level 15, so watch out if you haven’t been grinding experience in your playthrough. Just as a reminder, you should avoid the red lines, jump over its projectiles, and wait for the tree’s tongue to come out to attack the boss. Use your link attacks to gain an upper advantage on the fiend.

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After defeating The Great Tree, you’ll find the Agricultural Seed available within a chest behind the boss. Once you’ve grabbed it, go to Ayus at the Farm and give him the Agricultural Seed. You’ll also need three lots of lumber, but you’re more than likely going to have that by striking many trees along the way.

You’ll gain a stamp and access to the Farm once this mission is complete.