Where to find the Buried Blue Coin in Retail Row – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

Digging deep.


One of the Fortnite challenges this week is to find the buried blue coin in Retail Row. You can find Retail Row on the east side of the made. It is a named location, so is easy to spot. Finding the buried blue coin itself will take a little more work, however.

There is one buried blue coin at Retail Row, and it can be found besidea yellow timber house, buried in the ground beside a tree. When you get close to it you will be able ot see a blue glow coming from a small mound of dirt on the ground.

To dig up the buried blue coin, just hit the mound of dirt with your harvesting tool until the challenge pops up as completed. The coin will pop out of the ground, but you do not need to pick it up.

That is it for this challenge, there is only one buried blue coin to find, and after that the challenge will be complete. This was clearly buried by Doggo, but who knows what else he might be up to.

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