Where to find the Crystal Staff in Elden Ring

Wield the power of the Crystalians.

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There are many staves to choose from to cast your sorceries in the Lands Between. Among these staves is the Crystal Staff, a magical tool crafted from pure crystal. Like most of the staves in the game, the Crystal Staff doesn’t have a skill and cannot be infused with one. Instead, this staff grants you bonus damage whenever you use it to cast Crystalian sorceries like Crystal Release, Crystal Torrent, and Shattering Crystal. If you are interested in these sorceries, you best get your hands on this staff. Here is where you can find the Crystal Staff in Elden Ring.

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To obtain this staff, you need to start by going to the Liurnia region. This is the region to the north of Limgrave and can be accessed by going through Stormveil Castle. When going through Stormveil, you will need to defeat both Margit and Godrick to reach Liurnia. You can also access this region by taking the cliffside path. This will allow you to avoid going through Stormveil Castle. Taking this route is also much quicker than taking the one through the castle.

Once you reach Liurnia, travel north to the outside of Raya Lucaria Academy. When you reach the academy, stick to the outside along the cliff face to the west. You will eventually run across a fog wall with an imp statue in front of it. Use two Swordstone Keys on the imp statue to remove the fog wall. This will grant you access to the Academy Crystal Cave. Go through the cave until you reach the room on the other side of the wooden door. After going through the wooden door, strike the wall on the left to reveal an illusory wall. Follow the path on the other side to the chest. Open the chest to obtain the staff. You will need to have at least 48 intelligence to wield it.