Where to find the key in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Tenth Drop

Get out, fast.


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Towards the end of Tenth Drop in Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water, you’ll find that you’re locked in a house while the mist is slowly pouring in, indicating that it’s about to be spirited away. You need to find the key for the door and fast. In this guide, we’ll explain where the key is and how to find it.

Where to find the key in Tenth Drop

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You’ll be told that the Camera Obscura is reacting to the locked door, and when you take a photo of it, you’ll get a picture that shows the location of the key you need. The picture is of two framed photographs somewhere in the house. There are a few locations this could be, but the one you need to head to is the central room of the house on the first floor. See below for a map reference for this location.

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You need to take a picture of the framed photos above one of the doors. Once you do, the Rusted Key will drop to the floor. This is the key you need to escape the house and complete the mission. However, once you enter the room, a shrine maiden will appear and attack you. It’s only possible to get the key once you’ve defeated this ghost because she’ll keep attacking you while you’re in the room.

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The mission then ends with Ren and Rui on the transport down from the mountain. It shows Ren reflecting on the things he’s seen in the mission, thinking about what horrors lie ahead for him and Rui next.