Where to find the Pearl Galley in Genshin Impact


The Pearl Galley is a luxurious ship that can be found in Liyue Harbor. It is not easy to get there, and you have little reason to go until curiosity gets the better of you and decide to find out what the fancy looking ship is all about.

Getting there is awkward, as you will need to climb the cliffs to the south of the ship, glide out as far as you can, then swim the rest of the way. You cannot climb the sides of the ship, but you can climb up the ornate decorations on the outside.

When you arrive, a conversation will automatically start with an NPC called Luoxia, who is the receptionist there. The ship is an invitation only spot, known for gambling and other activities that are illegal in Liyue. As the ship is off the coast, nobody really bothers them about what happens there.

You are given the chance to get an invitation from a guest, but nobody will be willing to give you one. Speak with an NPC called Qui’ge at the front of the ship, near the ornate boards there, and she will ask for 3 Qingxin flowers. If you give them to her, she will add you to her list of performers.

Now, return to Luoxia who will be on a balcony on the second floor. The climb is awkward, so if you have Venti you an just boost up there. The whole thing was apparently a test, and the owner of the boat has now extended you an invite and you can visit again any time you wish. The reason? People liked talking to you, which is nice.

Grab the chest near Luoxia, and then climb up one more level to grab the Geoculus up there. If you wish to come back at any time, you can visit the Boatman on the docks of Liyue, just northeast of the Adventurer’s Guild, and he will bring you over.