Where to find two keys to the gunpowder store – The Heavenly Stone’s Debris world quest – Genshin Impact

Under lock and key.

Image via MiHoYo

For the Heavenly Stone’s Debris quest in Genshin Impact, players will need to find two keys to the gunpowder store. These are hidden in different locations in the Chasm, and players can track them down pretty easily. In this guide, we will show you exactly where to go to find them.

Two rough areas will be marked on the map, so you can visit both of them in turn, but the specific locations of the keys are a little tricky.

The First Key

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first key is located in a water filtration system. Make your way to the first waypoint and you will find a strange-looking filtration system near the strange purple goo. Make sure you avoid standing in it so it doesn’t drain your Lumenstone Adjuvant. Climb on top of the filtration system and then hit the top of it with a weapon. This will break, allowing you to search the pipe and find the first key.

The Second Key

Screenshot by Gamepur

To get the second key, make your way to the second waypoint and take out all the enemies. Near the walls, you will notice a blue torch. To the right is an area where you can dig. Dig here and you will reveal a barrel. Strike the barrel to blow it up and this will reveal the second key for the gunpowder store.