Where to find Wild Bird Eggs in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

You’ll need a Wild Bird Egg and some sugar to make the Rolled Omelet in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

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Wild Bird Eggs are hard to come by in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. They’re a rare ingredient that can be used in one of the recipes you have gained on your journey so far. Here’s where to find them.

In Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, you can form meals and upgrade materials from the items you collect on each level. Wild Bird Eggs are a rare item you can find within the Great Forest, the first area of the game.

Let’s hatch a plan. Head over to the Great Forest and explore the level until you reach a hill inside a cavernous area with two directions. You can go underground or you can go further up where a signpost stays. In this instance, you’ll want to go uphill. You may like to manually save as well.

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Get through this cavernous area to reach another expanse of grass and trees. In this partition of the level, you’ll find various items you can pick up from the ground. They’re highlighted in blue as opposed to enemy item drops like sugar that is in yellow.

If all you find are nuts and other resources in this space, go back to the Forest Cave signpost and fast travel to the beginning of the level. Hop out of the area to make the items respawn. Then, return to the Forest Cave signpost again to find the Wild Bird Eggs in the forest once more.

Once you’ve gained the Wild Bird Eggs, enter the village and go to the tavern in Outlander Lane. This area is unlocked after defeating the giant tree boss at the end of the Great Forest.

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From there, you can cook a Rolled Omelet from one Wild Bird Egg and three loads of sugar. When consumed, it will boost your HP by five and will restore all of your health.