Where to hunt Raptors in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 – Raptor Spawn Locations

Killing machines.

Screenshot via Gamepur

The island in Fortnite is covered with wildlife, but the Raptors are definitely the biggest threat these animals can pose. If the Raptors catch you while you are weak, they can very easily end your game. They tend to attack in groups, and are best avoided.

Luckily for us that one of the challenges in Fortnite this week is to go hunting them. This means you want to grab some heals, shields, and weapons before venturing out to find the Raptors, as you really don’t want to try to kill one with your harvesting tool.

Raptors can be found all over the map, and we have marked some of their spawn locations on the map below. Our favorite spot is actually just south of Sweaty Sands. A large group of raptors will spawn here regularly, and it is easy to loot up and then go and fight them.

You can find the rest of the Week 7 challenges below:

  • Makeshift weapon elimination (0/1) – 24000 XP
  • Primal weapon elimination (0/1) – 24000 XP
  • Mechanical weapon elimination (0/1) – 24000 XP
  • Mark weapons of different rarity (0/1) – 24000 XP
  • Collect meat or peppers (0/5) – 24000 XP
  • Consume Foraged Items (0/3) – 24000 XP
  • Hunt Raptors (0/2) – 24000 XP
  • Legendary quest – damage opponents (2500, 5000, 7500, 10000, 12500) – 35000XP to 24500 XP