Where to spend currency in Worms Rumble

The pros of being the wealthiest of worms.

From the announcer’s voice to even full-body outfits, currency practically lets you go wild with the customization options in Worms Rumble. After your first game, you may notice a fair bit of coins to your name but with nowhere to spend them.

Although there is no actual storefront to spend these coins in, these in-game rewards can be used in the Worms tab. After level 2, items in this tab will begin to unlock, but that does not mean you own them. To equip them, you will have to go a step further and purchase each of these.

From the looks of it, each is pretty costly, with even the common Tan Splat Beanie headwear going up for 500 coins. Skins displayed in the Weapons tab will also require some currency but run cheaper with uncommon skins costing as little as 250 coins.

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If you’re struggling to make the needed amount for skin or outfit, always be sure to check the daily challenges in the Play tab. Once a daily challenge is completed, bonus coins will be given to you after the match.