Who is the next Killer in Dead by Daylight?

They certainly won’t be dead by daylight.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game that tasks up to four Survivors with finding a way out of the map before they’re captured and sacrificed to The Entity by one of a wide range of Killers. Developer Behaviour Interactive adds a new Killer and Survivor with each update, and this guide explains who the next Killer in the game will be.

Chapter 24 details

At the time of writing, little is known about Chapter 24. Based on the timeframe that past Chapters have been released in, this next one is expected to launch on May 31. However, it’s usually revealed and tested on the Public Test Server ahead of time, so it’s unlikely that this is the date Chapter 24 will be released. While details on the Chapter are scarce, there have been a few leaks from the latest update.

Dead by Daylight Chapter 24 killer

According to DBDLeaks, a trusted source of leaked news within the Dead by Daylight community, the latest update for the game contained files related to Chapter 24. These files revealed that the new Killer is called The Dredge, a foul beast that looks more like a parasite than anything else. This Killer’s special ability, The Gloaming, allegedly allows it to create remnants that can occupy lockers to prevent Survivors from using them. It has a Nightfall meter that builds by dealing damage to Survivors and can create total darkness for all survivors for 60 seconds once filled.

The leak also contained details of three new Killer perks for The Dredge. These increase the Terror Radius or other status effects inflicted upon Survivors from being too close to The Dredge or getting injured by it.

We emphasize caution when reading these leaks because, after all, they are leaked information and not confirmed details from the game’s developer. There are many elements that could be placeholders for something far more terrifying. With the sixth anniversary of Dead by Daylight looming, it’s possible that Chapter 24 and this new Killer will launch simultaneously since there’s always an anniversary event that brings back hundreds of lapsed players.