Why requests are not working in Pokémon Snap

Take multiple photographs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Pokémon Snap is made to be a relaxing tour through exotic locations where you can take snapshots of various Pokémon in their natural environment. But a small snag is happening for many players enjoying their time in Pokémon Snap, and that has to do with the LenTalk request system. These requests are tasks the characters at a research camp are assigning for you to do to capture rare Pokémon maps in specific locations. These moments are traditionally prompted by interacting with a Pokémon using a fluffruit, your scanner, or by hitting them with a illumina orb. We have a few theories to why they’re not working properly.

The first thing you want to make sure you’re doing each time you’re attempting to capture a scene for a request is to turn it in to Professor Mirror at the end of the tour. You need to find the specific photograph you took in the Pokémon album, and make sure to give it to the professor, even if you like the one you already turned in much more. Even if you took a better photograph, or a higher starred one, if you don’t turn your photograph in for the professor to judge, it will not count.

Another big factor in making sure your camera’s focus was on the Pokémon for a request. For example, we’ve encountered issues when taking a photograph of certain scenes and learning we did not fulfill the request because the focus of the image was on another Pokémon. You have to return to the tour, ensure the focus is on the Pokémon the request is centered on, and snap that photograph. It’s a little challenging every time, so you want to make sure your camera’s burst mode is on and you’re taking three photographs on every shot.

The final thing to consider is you might not be finishing the request. When we were attempting to pull a Pinsir out of the ground and bring friends over to it, we tried everything to lure other Pokémon to it. We used fluffruit, the illumina orb, and we played music. The request was fulfilled when we were able to bring the Pinsir out of the ground, and then we scanned the area multiple times, causing a Heracross to fall from the trees. You might want to try a new technique, or to play with the nearby environment a little bit to see what else you do when trying to complete a request.

It’s unfortunate there’s no function detailing the exact picture you need to turn in to Professor Mirror that proves you completed a quest. We’ve done this multiple times and had to redo tours to give him the correct photograph. It’s all about practice, taking multiple photographs, and having a little patience.