Will Among Us come to the PlayStation or Xbox consoles?

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Image via Steam

With the viral multiplayer game Among Us making its way to the Nintendo Switch console, several eagerly suspicious players wonder when they’ll receive their chance to try out the cooperative game of betrayal on a PlayStation or Xbox console. Given that the game has made its way to the Nintendo Switch, the answer is likely sooner than many expect, but there’s plenty of hope involved.

There’s no exact answer if Among Us will make it over to the PlayStation. Xbox, on the other hand, is receiving the game in early 2021 for consoles, and it’s already on the PC Gamepass. Given its surging success during the latter half of 2020, and then later year winning 2020’s multiplayer game of the year, it’d be foolish for Sony not to try to find some way to bring the game to their platform. It’s likely only a matter of time.

The event could happen following the success of the game’s second map. The game only has one core map right now, and the second one introduces spawn points, different levels, new mini-games, and plenty of assorted cosmetics for players to place on their character. Once there’s the second map’s success, the developers, Innersloth, can likely start thinking about how they plan to expand out from their current position. Since they were successful with Nintendo, Sony is likely up to bat sometime in the future.

For now, you can play Among Us on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices. You can purchase it on these platforms for $5.