Will Diamond Dynasty have a DH in MLB The Show 22?

Will the pitcher still need to hit?

Image via San Diego Studios

This past offseason in Major League Baseball, the league and the MLBPA agreed to migrate the designated hitter (DH) into the National League. This means that throughout Major League Baseball, every team in both leagues can now opt to use a DH in their lineup, as opposed to a pitcher. This is a major shift in the world of Major League Baseball, but how much of an effect will this have on the simulation baseball game franchise MLB The Show 22?

Will the DH replace pitchers, who have previously been slated to hit in lineups, in Diamond Dynasty for MLB The Show 22? We have an answer.

Even though the DH has been added for both leagues in the real Major League Baseball, Diamond Dynasty will not have a designated hitter. This was confirmed in the MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Featured Premiere livestream on March 31.

This means that for Diamond Dynasty, users will need to configure their lineup around their pitcher at the bottom of the lineup. It might not be optimal — unless the pitcher is two-way star and MLB The Show 22 cover athlete Shohei Ohtani — for Diamond Dynasty players, but that is where things stand for this year.