Will Gotham Knights have microtransactions? Answered

No additional payments necessary.

Image via @GothamKnights

Microtransactions are a controversial topic in the video industry. While their presence in free-to-play titles is mostly understood by the general public, audiences have typically pushed back hard when microtransactions are implemented in full-priced games. Gran Turismo 7, which costs $69.99 MSRP, came under fire for not just featuring microtransactions, but also for allegedly making cars harder to unlock without spending real-world money.

Since Gotham Knights’ reveal, the game has evoked comparison to Marvel’s Avengers — another microtransaction-heavy title. While the game looks to be similar in that it will feature a number-based gear-score system, one way Gotham Knights will differ is that it will not feature microtransactions, as confirmed by a Q&A on the game’s official website.

According to WB, the game will neither feature microtransactions, nor any additional in-game purchases, meaning that you should be able to earn high-quality loot without having to spend extra.

Gotham Knights collector's edition
Image via Gamestop

However, it’s worth noting that the deluxe and collector’s editions of the game each come with their own set of in-game extras, including skins and color shaders. Additionally, pre-ordering the game will net you an exclusive skin for the Batcycle.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear if these bonuses will become available at a later date to those who either purchase just the standard edition or opt to purchase the game post-launch. If so, it seems probable that they’d at least cost a few bucks, as it’s common for games to roll out both pre-order and edition-exclusive content as paid DLC post-launch for those who do not have said items.

Gotham Knights seems to have a lot in common with the Batman: Arkham games, but it is not part of the Arkham universe. Instead, it’s set in a new continuity and follows the Batfamily as they work to take down the Court of Owls following the death of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Like the Arkham games, it will feature an open world, but unlike its predecessors, it will also have a cooperative multiplayer mode allowing members of the Batfamily to fight together.