Will the Diablo series become an Xbox exclusive?

There’s a lot of speculation about what’s about to happen to the Diablo series.

Image via Activision Blizzard

With Microsoft purchasing Activision and Blizzard, multiple game franchises will join the Xbox family, such as the Diablo series. These games have appeared throughout the years on several platforms. But with Microsoft purchasing the larger company, things could be changing. For example, will the Diablo series become an Xbox exclusive after Microsoft buys Activision and Blizzard?

There’s a lot of information in the air about how Microsoft will be handling all of the games Activision and Blizzard own following the confirmed purchase. For example, the Diablo series is a big one, and before the games arrived on consoles, they were exclusive to PCs. While we have no official details if the Diablo series will become an Xbox exclusive, we have previous information, such as when Xbox acquired Bethesda.

After Xbox purchased Bethesda, a handful of exclusive announcements were made that Bethesda had been working on. The largest among them was Starfield, a Sci-Fi RPG that Bethesda is developing, a game the company compares to The Elder Scrolls series. However, for the first few months, there was merely speculation about this game becoming an Xbox exclusive before it was officially announced that it would be during E3 2021.

While no official confirmation has appeared for the Diablo series to become an Xbox exclusive, we can expect to hear details sometime in the future, mainly revolving around Diablo 4. If the Diablo series becomes an Xbox exclusive, it will be for any new games announced in the future. Previous games should still be available and playable on other consoles.