Aliens Fireteam Elite announces release date, Endeavor Pass cosmetic DLCs

It’s Elite.

Aliens Fireteam co-op

Image by Cold Iron Studios

After much hype and at least one name change, Aliens Fireteam Elite is ready to burst onto the scene. The third-person co-op shooter from Cold Iron Studios and 20th Century Games has announced an official release date in August and four upcoming cosmetic DLC bundles.

The news was unveiled alongside a new gameplay trailer, which showcases some of the customization options players will access in Aliens Fireteam Elite. Also featured in the trailer are several mission environments and previously unseen enemy types, including a Trilobite-like white xenomorph.

The announcement also gave us the first look at Aliens Fireteam Elite’s live service plan, including four updates accompanied by cosmetic DLCs. The updates will be free and rolled out regularly, changing up the gameplay of Aliens Fireteam Elite to keep it fresh. The cosmetic DLCs are collectively known as the Endeavor Pass, and will give players access to new characters and weapon skins, and other cosmetics.

Aliens Fireteam Elite launches on August 24. It will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and on PC via Steam. The game is currently out for pre-order, with regular and Deluxe editions available, the latter coming bundled with all four Endeavor Pass DLCs.