Apex Legends, FIFA Possibly Getting Cross-Play


Talking with the investors, CEO Andrew House has revealed that Electronic Arts is deeply looking into cross-play for Apex Legends and future FIFA games.

According to Wilson, this is a matter which truly interests EA, even though at this stage data prove that the feature isn’t much used right now.

“We think cross-play and cross-progress is going to be a very important part of our future, and you should anticipate that we’ll be doing more in that space,” Wilson said.

“What our information would suggest to us is that there isn’t a tremendous amount of play across devices, but that overall liquidity in any gaming community is a good and positive thing, even if it’s only a few people or a small portion of the community that utilizes that.”

As for specific titles, he added that “we absolutely are looking into that in the context of Apex, and we’ll be looking at that across our portfolio over time.”

“We think about franchises with tremendously large communities like FIFA, and we think that they would absolutely benefit from cross-play and cross-progress, as more and more people come into these big communities.”

Sure enough, those franchises’ players would greatly benefit from the implementation of cross-play and cross-progression, so it’ll be interesting to look at when this happens.

Source: GameSpot