Apex Legends’ Season 12 launch trailer shows off Mad Maggie’s abilities and strange twists to Olympus

Players have much to witness in early February.

Image via Apex Legends YouTube

It seems Apex Legends: Defiance, the battle royale’s twelfth season, will have someone who is more than just a legend, as its official launch trailer has revealed that Mad Maggie is seen as a villain in the eyes of the other competitors in the Apex Games. Aside from lore, the footage even gives fans their first glance at this character’s abilities and explains exactly why the Olympus map is returning with a few major changes.

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The reveal’s story seemingly takes place directly after Mad Maggie has been sent to the Apex Games. It becomes clear there’s more to her story than what’s been told, as other legends seemingly hold a grudge against Mad Maggie, instantly attacking her upon first sight. It is here the trailer reveals that Maggie will have at least one ability that will allow her to shoot grenades that disorients multiple enemies at a time. Better yet, she is apparently also able to block heavy artillery (such as rockets) with the help of a massive block she activates. However, it still isn’t clear which of these are her Tactical and Ultimate ability.

The second crucial piece of information displayed is how the former Olympus location will suddenly return to the map rotation. Well, it appears Maggie is the one to thank for this, as she’s shown setting off a reactor that teleports Olympus into the sky — which now rests above another city. Even other buildings and objects transport along with the map, hinting that the location could be sporting several never-before-seen points of interest when it arrives.

Chances are, players will be gifted a better look at both Mad Maggie’s move set and Olympus just before Season 12, Apex Legends: Defiance, releases on February 8.