Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem – Patch notes

Here’s a look at everything we learned from the patch notes for Season 8: Mayhem.


The newest season of Apex Legends is bringing the boom, and with that, can a brand-new set of patch notes. From big new additions like a new legend and a new weapon, down to the tiniest changes like extra bits of lore attached to select in-game skins. There is no that this season is going to shake the game and the meta up quite a bit. Let’s take a look at everything Season 8: Mayhem has to offer us on launch.

Major Changes

Minor Changes

  • [Accessibility] All shield and health restoration, as well as reviving teammates, will be better optimized for colorblind mode
  • [Lore] All skins with relevance to canon lore and/or importance in regards character backstory will now come with a small lore blurb that details why the skin is significant to the character

Bug Fixes

  • Sonar abilities like Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather will no longer interfere with Caustic’s Highlight Vision
  • Loba no longer able to Jump Drive to areas of Kings Canyon she was not supposed to be able to go
  • Rampart can no longer place Sheila on the Jump Pads in Octane’s Gauntlet on Kings Canyon
  • Rampart’s passive LMG ammo buff no longer carries over to other Legends after switching them out in the Firing Range
  • Removed glitching giving a hip-fired Havoc 100% accuracy when shot through Rampart’s Amped Cover wall
  • Fixed Point of View glitch that occurred when Horizon used her Gravity Lift or Black Hole and then immediately shifted from hip-fire to Aim Down Sights
  • Fixed audio issue with crowds not cheering in Pathfinder’s Fight Night Town Takeover on Olympus
  • Fixed glitch that prevented some of the Heirlooms from appearing in the Heirloom shop
  • Stopped Thermite Grenades from burning through walls on Olympus
  • Various bug fixes to Clubs (see link under Major Changes for details)