ARK Park releasing in full this March


ARK Park is a multiplayer VR spinoff of the survival-based ARK: Survival Evolved, and though we’ve known about it for some time now, we’re finally going to get our hands on it for a wild, dino-filled ride. It’s been assigned an official release date, so we’ll be able to head out on our own jurassic adventures on PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift starting Mar. 22.  

Developer Snail Games announced the game’s debut, which will come in two different editions: standard and deluxe. Should you choose the deluxe edition, you’ll get additional outfits and a dinosaur mount. 

ARK Park lets you interact with the very same dinosaurs that tried to kill you in ARK: Survival Evolved. So this time instead of running for your life you can get up close and personal with them. It’s like a massive theme park with realistic dinosaurs and plenty of land to explore. There’s no set of objectives to complete and no restrictions on where you can go. So if you want to take your time and simply walk around to see everything the park has to offer at your own pace, that’s an option. 

If you’re more interested in interacting with the dinosaurs in a more tangible manner, you can collect dinosaur eggs, DNA, and more to raise tiny dinosaurs and build items and weapons to defend the park when dinosaurs bust loose and begin to attack. You can raise your own baby dinosaur into a big one and even ride on its back eventually. It sounds like one big We’re Back: A Dinosaur Story, and I’m totally here for it. 

If you’re here for it, just wait around until March, and you can pick it up then.