Assassins Creed Origins Patch 1.2.0 Add Support For Upcoming Expansion

Assassins Creed Origins today gets a new patch that brings a lot of changes and a new quest. The patch is announced on Ubisoft’s official forum. The patch size for PC is 2.6GB from Uplay and 1.2GB from Steam. For console the patch size is around 3GB. The patch log is pretty long where it has a lot of enhancements to the game. Talking about the key highlights, the patch will add support for upcoming expansion “The Hidden Ones”, along with a quest “Incoming Threat” and updated item in loot pool of the Heka Chest. You can read the full patch log at the end source link.

Assassins Creed Origins

The Hidden Ones is the first expansion Assassins Creed Origins will get this year, this new expansion will take you to the Roman territories. Bayek will have to assassinate all new targets. This expansion has a new story and the level cap is raised to 45. The expansion is a part of Season Pass, you can also buy this separately. The patch will add a new feature where you can sell outfits at the Weaver Shops. Heka Chest will have new items from Nightmare, First Civilization, Gladiator, Wacky, and Almighty packs.

The patch adds various fixes to the quest and gameplay. For example improving behavior of tamed animals and many other fixes. The patch will also address bugs in the game. You can read the patch logs below.

Patch Highlights

  • Added support for the upcoming “The Hidden Ones” expansion
  • Added “Incoming Threat” quest to the game
  • Updated item loot pool of the Heka Chest (more details in the “New Features” section)

New Features

  • Added a new quest to the world: “Incoming Threat”
  • Added the Atlas view on the World Map displaying the Sinai and the Valley of Kings regions
  • Added support for the “The Hidden Ones” expansion
  • Added the possibility to sell-back outfits to the Weaver shops
  • Added all the latest Store items from the Nightmare, First Civilization, Gladiator, Wacky, and Almighty packs to the Heka Chest
  • Added the option to toggle the visibility of inventory items on the Gear menu

The patch will add fixes for UI, gameplay, activities, graphics, system, etc. You can read the full patch logs on the below link.

Source: Ubisoft Forums