Black Ops Cold War Season Two roadmap reveals all-new weapons, maps, and Zombies mode

Fans of all game modes and Warzone are in for some massive surprises.

Image via Treyarch

A few hours after accidentally leaking one innovative new game mode, developer Treyarch has now published a roadmap and trailer detailing each piece of DLC coming in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Season Two. Also, players of the Warzone battle royale should apparently expect new locations to be integrated into its famous Verdansk region very soon. 

Unlike past seasons, Season Two’s launch will deliver new free content for players in all game modes. First and foremost, the Zombies Outbreak mode has been officially confirmed and will indeed send players to fight waves of the undead in each of the game’s large Fireteam maps by season’s launch.

In total, Multiplayer and Warzone users will discover six new weapons throughout the season, including a ZRG 20mm bolt-action sniper rifle, a FARA 83 assault rifle, an LC10 SMG, the R1 shadowhunter crossbow, as well as machete and shove-based melee weapons. Also, at least four never-before-seen maps will arrive in Season Two. On launch week, a 6v6 Lao jungle cartel base location named Apocalypse will go live, with a day-version of the current Miami map, known as Miami Strike, coming at a later date.

According to a recent blog post from developer Treyarch, Warzone’s main battle royale map, Verdansk, will see a dramatic change as an apparent “dark wave approaches.” It is unclear what this will result in, but Verdansk is said to be “offering new places to scavenge and scrap for survival” at some point during this incoming season.

As headlined by Monday’s reveal trailer, those playing Warzone or Multiplayer will notice new Nova 6 operator, Naga, joining in on the action, with more characters and cosmetics said to follow soon after.

The Season Two update can be downloaded on February 23 after 11 PM PT and will be implemented into both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War just two days later.