Borderlands 3 will have a second season of DLC

The mayhem doesn’t stop with Borderlands season 2.

Borderlands 3 released just over a year ago, but that doesn’t mean the game will stop from updating and staying fresh. Gearbox announced today that there will be a second season pass, boasting two new add-ons, the Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut.

While these names don’t exactly paint a clear picture of what is going to be added, we do know that each Vault Hunter will have a brand new skill tree. Along with these new skill trees, Gearbox will be introducing a new game mode, Arms Race.

Currently there is not much information out about these two new add-ons or what kinds of stats will be included in these new skill trees. Gearbox’s announcement claims that the add-ons will be “unlike anything we’ve done before.” The developers plan on releasing more information throughout October in different livestreams.

The first DLC of season 2 will be The Designer’s Cut, which is set to launch on November 10 for all platforms.