Capcom wants to refocus on PC gaming

Probably the most obvious direction to take for Capcom.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

The President and COO of Capcom Haruhiro Tsujimoto have expressed wanting to focus more on PC as one of the main outlets for gaming software. Tsujimoto explains that during the Tokyo Game Show, where he also said he hoped the next years event would take place in real life again. The news was reported on the Japanese website Nikkei and reporter Takashi Mochizuki tweeted out the info in English.

Tsujimoto wants sales for Capcom PC games to increase so that by 2022 or 2023 PC sales of games will be 50:50 with that of console games. Capcom’s most recent big games have received PC ports, including Monster Hunter: World and Resident Evil Village.

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Capcom as a company has changed its priorities several times over the decades. The company initially was all about the development and publishing of arcades games. Quickly though, the company began making games on home consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System. Later, the company got involved in making games on the PlayStation and Xbox. In the arcades, Capcom became known for its fighting games like Street Fighter. On consoles, Capcom rose to prominence with their iconic Mega Man, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Monster Hunter franchises.