Core Keeper The Sunken Sea announced, dedicated servers added today

The main focus of the update is large bodies of water.


Image via Pugstorm

Today the first major content expansion for Core Keeper has been announced. The Sunken Sea brings a new biome for players to explore, filled with large water bodies. This is just the tip of the iceberg since the update doubles down on adding new items, weapons, and so much more.

Developer Pugstorm has not only announced the first update for Core Keeper but also added dedicated servers to the game from today. As a result, players can load up Core Keeper and operate their own dedicated servers at any time, allowing them to play with whoever they want.

Pugstorm is aiming to release The Sunken Sea update in June. This update adds a new salty biome filled with large bodies of water and creatures that call them home. Players will need to traverse the water in boats, a new mode of transport in the update, and used to find treasures lurking within the biome. This includes a new titan boss to overcome, which players won’t be able to defeat right away.

With a new biome comes new enemies, weapons, crafting materials, base building parts, and updated possibilities for every aspect of the game. While dedicated servers are something players have been requesting since the game launched in March, The Sunken Sea marks the first update in Core Keeper’s roadmap from early access to a finished product. The last update for the game added a time-limited event for Easter, but The Sunken Sea will bring permanent change to the game’s world that players can enjoy forever.