Days Gone E3 2016 vs Game Informer Footage Shows Clear Graphical Differences

Days Gone was revealed back at E3 2016, and now that we get closer to its release we are able to see more gameplay coming from the different web and paper magazines that have had a chance to look deeper into it.

Some of the best footage has arrived from this month’s coverage from Game Informer, which has even allowed us to watch the first hour of gameplay and learn more about the core mechanics of it.

Days Gone E3 2016 vs 2018 GameInformer Graphics Comparison

Interestingly, YouTube channel Cycu1 has managed to build a pretty solid comparison between this new footage and E3 2016’s, showing the main differences between the two builds and how the game has evolved thus far.

It’s good to note that the E3 demo and Game Informer’s footage have different time of the day, which leads to differences in the behavior of lighting over the entire woody location and visibility. Please also note that the game is currently in Alpha, so more changes could be on the way.

On top of that, said of the darker tone of the latest demo, it’s clear that the main character, protagonist Deacon St. John, looks now pretty older in comparison with the first time we met him. Which should be a simple artistic choice coming from the developer Bend Studio.

We’ll probably learn more about the game at E3 2018, which comes only a few months before the title releases in the first half of next year exclusively for PlayStation 4.