Deimos-class Pilot Destroyer coming to Infinity Lock Box in Star Trek Online

The new ship is one of many prizes replacing the Angel’s Wake Lock Box.

Image via Arc Games

Star Trek Online’s Infinity Lock Boxes contain a number of rewards that have been retired from other boxes. Beginning on December 8, anyone purchasing an Infinity Lock Box could become the new owner of the Tier 6 Deimos-class Pilot Destroyer.

This ship and the rest of the Infinity Lock Boxes will replace the Angel’s Wake Lock Box. Enemies defeated on the Ground and Space Maps will have a small chance of giving you an Infinity box, which could contain the Pilot Destroyer.

Those who get lucky enough to find a Pilot Destroyer in their Infinity box will be able to use the Immolating Phaser Lance, giving you a passive boost to Phaser Damage and Starship Shield Penetration. The ship comes with Formation Flying as a Starship Trait, summoning two Synth Destroyers when you activate a distress call.