Detroit Become Human Playtime Crosses 20 Million Mark, 1.5 Million Users Worldwide

Detroit Become Human was successful? Quantic Dream, the developer behind the game tried answering this query recently via Twitter. In a tweet addressing fans and critics, Quantic Dream revealed that Detroit Become Human playtime has surpassed 20 million hours and over 1.5 million players have played the game.

Detroit Become Human Crosses 20 Million Playtime Mark

This tweet in no way provides an update on the sales figure of Detroit Become Human since launch (May 2018), it’s just a figure of how many players have played this interactive action adventure game from Quantic Dream. We expect Sony and Quantic Dream to break their silence on the sales figure of Detroit Become Human and put the data in front of the fans and critics.

Detroit Become Human was first revealed at Paris Games Week 2015. The game is based on the studio’s KARA PS4 Tech Demo. Players get to know the stories of the three androids: Kara, Conor, and Markus. According to David Cage, Detroit is studios’ Most Advance Title Ever Produced.

According to review aggregator Metacritic, Detroit Become Human has received mostly “favorable reviews”.