Early Reports for Dr Mario World, Low Downloads and Lower Revenue


It’s been three days since it went public, and the Dr. Mario World prognosis is looking grim.

According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data (H/T: Nintendolife), there were only 2 million downloads in the first 72 hours after its launch, making it the second-lowest downloaded Nintendo title, 1.3 million above Dragalia Lost and 2.9 million below Fire Emblem Heroes in the same space of time.

Another essential thing to note, despite having over six times the amount of users Dragalia Lost, Dr. Mario World hasn’t made even half the amount of money, currently sitting at around $100K.

A game featuring the most iconic video game character of all time losing out to a new IP like Dragalia might be cause for concern. By this point after released, Super Mario Run had already grossed $6.5 million, and Fire Emblem had raked in a staggering $11.6 million.

While it’s certainly doing better than Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, hopefully, the early expectations for Dr. Mario weren’t anything like previous Nintendo Mobile titles.