Dying Light 2 Stay Human trophies shed light on the game’s collectibles

Most of the game’s collectibles and time-consuming activities are listed.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Dying Light 2 Stay Human doesn’t release for a couple of weeks yet, but the trophies have now surfaced online ahead of its February 4 release date. Looking through the complete list, some of these trophies highlight what players will be doing for 500 hours if they’re trying to see and complete everything the game has to offer.

Within the list of trophies are several that mention gathering all of a specific type of items, such as Grafitti Tags, Recordings, and Notes. Others require players to complete specific objectives, like completing all Nightrunner Trials, meeting all Sparker love interests, and achieving maximum proficiency in some of their skills.

In addition to basic trophies for upgrading your weapon for the first time and killing your first Volatile, there are the more obscure trophies that will see players grinding for hours before they come close to completing them. For example, one trophy asks you to fall for a cumulative distance of 10,994 meters, and another will pop when you’ve gathered 1,000,000 in Old World Money.

Some of the game’s trophies are bound to be tough to complete, but it’s impossible to judge what these are without having played the game. Killing a Viral with the UV Flashlight sounds quite challenging, as does achieving the maximum level of chase, but with 500 hours, anything is possible.