EA Sold Only 7 Million Units Of Battlefront 2, Not 9 Million – WSJ Reporter

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EA recently held earnings call where the company CEO and CFO discussed current titles scenario, earnings, and future updates. It was reported that during the event CFO told Wall Street Journal about the total Battlefront 2 sales unit in the last quarter and what EA had expected. The figure came out was 9 Million units has been sold and EA aims to achieve around 1 to 3 million in the current quarter.

Wall Street Journal Tech Reporter Sarah E.Needleman who reported the same before now share a fresh update that brings correction to the last quarter sales unit of Star Wars Battlefront 2. As per the new tweet, the total sales unit for Battlefront 2 was 7 million units, not 9 million units. This further reduces Battlefront 2 share and this is clearly due to the controversy the game was surrounded during release.

During the earnings call, the EA officials have discussed the poor performance of Battlefront 2 that is was because of the loot boxes controversy. EA has also decided to re-introduce the loot boxes with a new progression system. But when this will be introduced exactly is not confirmed.