EA Sports is adding a much requested feature to NHL 22

Take a wild guess.

Image from EA Sports

NHL 22 will launch worldwide next week on Xbox and PlayStation platforms. The franchise will be moving into the next generation of consoles, and it will do so with a brand-new feature in the title. It’s one that has been in other EA Sports games and has been requested by users for quite some time now: roster sharing.

EA Sports stated during its Be a Pro and Franchise Mode dev stream on October 4 that roster sharing will be implemented into NHL 22. During the livestream, the team noted that it was aware that the general NHL community wanted this feature added to the franchise, and it’s something that the developers themselves wanted to implement.

Now, roster sharing is officially confirmed for NHL 22. This should be considered a major victory for fans who love to spend time creating custom rosters and want to share them with other users. Additionally, roster sharing should be a boon for those who want to find rosters that include custom-created versions of amateur hockey players who have either not been drafted yet. They’ll also be able to find teams filled with players who are in the NCAA and have been selected by an NHL team and are ineligible to be added to the real rosters or even rosters filled with NHL legends.

The NHL developers did note that this feature will not be available right away. Roster sharing will be implemented into NHL 22 via a patch that will drop in December.