Elder Scrolls Online’s April daily login rewards include a white lion mount, Anglidor the house guest, and 30,000 gold

Will you claim them all?

Image via Bethesda

Every month Elder Scrolls Online releases new daily login rewards for players who log into the game at least once a day. The rewards can be claimed every 24 hours and range from potions, gold, equipment, mounts, and other ESO collectibles. With April a few days away, ZeniMax Online Studios announced the rewards players can look forward to and they’re nothing to joke about.

Typically, the daily rewards are posted on the first day of the month in the game. However, ZeniMax gave players an early look at what they can expect to find for the full month, and the rewards are rather unique.

The first day of April will grant everyone five 150% Crown Experience Scrolls to help them level up more quickly. The next few days weren’t mentioned but day 8 includes 7,500 gold, day 15 sees 10,000 gold, and day 22 includes 12,500 gold.

On top of the potential to collect 30,000 gold and a lot of experience, players can also get a new mount and houseguest. Day ten’s reward is the white lion mount, which is a senche mount featured in the Elsweyr expansion. Whereas day 21 features the NPC Anglidor, the Jester Houseguest, who will spend time entertaining you and guests in your home.

The rest of the month will include an assortment of potions, consumables, and rare materials used for crafting.