Final Fantasy XIV announces datacenter expansions following Endwalker release, digital sales returning

The Final Fantasy XIV servers are expanding, accommodating more players and the MMO’s increased popularity.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Final Fantasy XIV servers have been dealing with several queue times, with thousands of players waiting to jump into the game to explore the Endwalker expansion. It’s common for Final Fantasy XIV expansion to have queue times, but the ones that came with this expansion were incredibly high, and the team has decided to do something about expanding all of the data centers with the addition of the Oceanian Datacenter.

The data centers for Japan, North America, and European data centers will be expanded. As a result, Japan’s logical datacenters are becoming four while keeping the same number of worlds. Of the three existing regions, this is the smallest change.

The European and North American datacenters have the most significant expansions, happening in two phases. The European server expansions will be happening in July and then in the summer of 2023. North America’s expansions will occur in August 2022 and then in summer 2023, likely close to the European expansion. Each expansion will add four new worlds.

The Oceanian data centers will be coming online on January 25. While the original plan was to have three worlds at the beginning, but they will be adding five due to the influx of players in this region. Any player who wishes to transfer to these servers will not have to pay a transfer fee.

In addition to the data center announcements, the team has announced that digital sales for Final Fantasy XIV will return on January 25, and New World transfer will return on January 26. These features had been turned off due to the large number of players attempting to get into the game.

Final Fantasy XIV has been growing in popularity over the past few years, with players continuing to praise the MMO’s story and gameplay mechanics. Several World of Warcraft players jumped over to the game before Endwalker, which may have contributed to the queue problem.